Everything Fitness is the exclusive Canadian distributor of Glide Fitness Products.

Now more than ever, club owners and fitness enthusiasts demand the most from their treadmills. Glide Fitness Products produce a cutting edge lubrication for treadmills as well as premium OEM (original equipment manufacturer) quality treadmill walking belts and decks.

Glide Fitness Products’ patented lubrication “OEM Solution” is simply the best treadmill lubrication in the fitness industry. It is the only patented treadmill lubrication that prevents costly repairs and provides significant savings in operational costs by reducing friction and therefore lessening the amperage draw resulting in less power use. Glide OEM Solution has no expiration, is anti-static and will not break down under extreme heat.

Glide Fitness Product’s Walking Belts and Decks are leaders in the fitness equipment industry and can be used on any light or heavy commercial treadmill. These decks and belts can be custom made to fit all makes and models of treadmills and we include most manufacturers in our database.

It is no surprise that Glide Fitness Products are becoming more in-demand and are considered the best choice for increasing treadmill longevity and efficiency.

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