For over 20 years, we have provided upholstery repairs for all makes and models of exercise equipment. Our goal is to offer a top quality product with minimal downtime of your equipment or disruption of your business operation including our pickup and return option. Our qualified upholsters will:

  • remove
  • re-upholster
  • and re-install

on any

  • vinyl cushions
  • benches
  • waiting room chairs
  • or treatment tables

Everything Fitness’ unique style of creaseless upholstery lengthens the time between replacement often shortened by other upholstering techniques that cause folds in the material. 

We provide upholstery repairs to equipment in

  • fitness clubs
  • home fitness centres
  • physiotherapy clinics
  • physicians’ offices and much more

Everything Fitness can also custom manufacture and repair damaged substrates.

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